Daria W.
Compassionate, responsible, intelligent care provided here. Even the occasional fill in vets are superb and caring. As to the comments on poor communications, from my experience as a client and observer, that is surely on the complainers. I always leave secure in the knowledge of what to do, what to expect, what to be wary of and when to call in for further treatment or follow up. Also, I have phoned for questions and received prompt return calls with info and advice even though Dr. Rashid is paid nothing for these services. Highly recommend both Dr and the vet tech.

Anastasia K.
Amazing service. Accepts walk ins. The best doctor in state! Thank you.

Christina H.
Dr. Rashid works miracles! He is the most kind, patient and loving vet we’ve ever met. My 6 year old dog was having complications after surgery from North Star Hospital and after they failed to help my dog, Dr. Rashid was there to save the day. My dog made an immediate turn around after seeing Dr. Rashid and is now on the mend. Ican’t thank him enough.

Donna A. S.
Where does one start? My Harley dog started w/ what appeared as a basic dental need that evolved into quickly identifying the source of a very serious problem of an aggressive oral tumor. This required quick and skilled action a week following as it took over his entire mouth. Dr Rashid and his staff embraced our family every step of the way with compassion & understanding… explaining all our options in the most supportive way.There was never pressure but instead pure honesty in options!! I have never met individuals so professional.Dr Rashid is completely approachable, kind & knowledgeable. Never rushed & all questions were answered despite closing time w/ great prices. Being military…they are family now! Wouldn’t go ANYWHERE else!!

Teri V. A.
I can’t say enough about Dr. Rashid and his staff.
Dr. Rashid is the most compassionate, caring, knowledgable vet I have ever come across. His main goal is the animals health! He has treated my dogs, chickens, and pigeons. My mother use to take her Chihuahua to University of PA Vet Hospital for a rare condition, spent a lot of $, and they never helped him. So she drove from PA to Dr. Rashid, and he cured my moms dog and his quality of life. This Vet is a gift from God to the animals. His passion in life is to save all creatures lives!

Jenn V.
I’m really very pleased with our experience at this vet. Made an appointment to have my Morkies teeth looked at, since my groomer thought they might be infected. Turns out they were and six had to be pulled. Also, he desperately needed a cleaning. I was sad for my dog, but also for our wallet! I was stressing out at the thought of what this was going to cost. To our surprise, the total came to less than $600 for X-rays, blood work, teeth extraction, cleaning, pain medication and antibiotics.

Not only was that a pleasure, the staff was great. Kept me informed the whole way. Other places I’ve been left me hanging for hours, with no word. This facility has everything figured out.

Also, i would like to add, our initial visit didn’t cost us anything. Yeah! A visit to the vet with NO bill. I used the free exam coupon for new patients, which was helpful!

We’d spend any amount on our dog, but it’s nice when you know you aren’t being taken advantage of. Dr Rashid was really informative and you could tell he cares. We drive 40 minutes to go here, when there are plenty of vets in our area.

Well worth it. Our dogs teeth look amazing.

Heather T.
My cat was diagnosed with congestive heart failure a year ago and I cannot thank Dr Rashid enough for the care he has given her. With the medication and supplements he prescribed her heart is no longer as enlarged and the fluid in her lungs has gone down. He genuinely cares about my animal and me and never seems to suggest unnecessary tests.
The prices are also very reasonable and less than other places in the area.

Chris H.
I will start by saying that I have known Dr. Rashid for near five years, as he has been my beloved Cozmo’s veterinarian at Cream Ridge Pet Care Center, in Cream Ridge NJ. for all that time. Thank GOODNESS he has this other location here in East Windsor, as the Cream Ridge location is now closed.
My little guy is closing in on 15 years old and has had several different vets in his life, as we’ve moved about quite a bit. But NONE…I repeat, NONE have shown the compassion, caring and true interest for my dogs welfare and well being like Dr. Rashid!! He has literally saved Cozmo’s life twice. This is not some trumped up meaningless review……this man truly cares for his clients as his own!

Dr. Rashid, you’re an angel heaven sent to us and Cozmo…Thank you sir!

Mary Z.
I found a stray cat who could not get up and walk. It looked like his legs just gave out. I was afraid he would not have any defense if another animal attacked it, so I called The new East Windsor Veterinary Hospital in Twin Rivers on Route 33 and they said to bring him in. Dr. Rashid greeted us and examined the cat and took Xrays. He was so caring and genuinely concerned. I couldn’t bring him in to my home as I have an inside cat and this poor sick cat would not be able to go into the litter box, or go to the bowls to feed itself, so Dr. Richid said he would keep him there for a few days and gave him a steroid injection as well as antibiotics. They said they will contact me to let me know if he is doing better. Hopefully, if he can be cured, he can be returned where I found him as he is ear tipped which means he was neutered/spayed. I will definitely recommend this establishment to any pet owners. I realize I had to pay something for this service and Dr. Rashid gave me a huge discount, given the fact this cat was not my pet. I love their compassion and the fact that they took me immediately. This will definitely be my Veterinarian facility of choice. The doctor’s assistant was also very sweet and compassionate. I love this Vet and cannot express my appreciation for his help. Thank you Dr. Rashid. You are truly a good person! I wish you every success at this new location. I will definitely sing your praises.
Mary Zelinsky

Angela N.
I would certainly recommend anyone with a pet to go to this Vet. Our 13 1/2 year old dog got Vestibular Disease, and Dr. Rashid took such good care of him, and also found an additional problem in his ears, that he started treating immediately and with laser light treatments. Our dog is usually afraid of the Vet and still was the FIRST visit with him, but we went for two more weeks for the laser treatments and our dog was very comfortable around him. Dr. Rashid was as concerned with my dog and his well being as my husband and I were, which I appreciated very much.

Tina G. H.
No one wanted to treat my hedgehog not even my regular vet .. Dr Rashid took the time to see us even though it was past closing time .. I appreciated the care and concern both he and his staff provided ..

Eileen C.
I have a Mealy Amazon Parrot that I am the second owner of. I had heard of Cream ridge pet hospital in the past so when I was faced with an emergency with my bird I gave a call on a Saturday. Much to my surprise, they gave me an appointment for the next morning as a first time patient. My bird Nada and I were so blessed to receive an appointment with Dr. Rashid. I probably drove the receptionist crazy confirming, “Are you sure? That’s a Sunday.” Upon arrival, we were greeted… by very friendly staff members, who seemed very happy to be working there. Dr. Rashid was excellent, he spent so much time with us. He had lots of ides and did not give up hope. He cared and he tried three different procedures to remove what I can only think to call an air Tumor. It was amazing, you knew she felt better because when she got there she wasn’t exactly a lady, afterwards she turned to Dr. Rashid and climbed up as if to thank him. I have been a vet.Tech for over 30 years and wish I lived closer. This practice just is amazing, clean, open 7 days, and staff who care. I have been back for a recheck, although she was much better she was still having trouble but once again I saw Dr. Rashid and again he took his time with us and was so wonderful. I know it was the end of a very long day for him, but you couldn’t tell that by the attention he gave Nada. I couldn’t be happier to have found Dr. Rashid and Cream Ridge Pet Center. I can’t say enough good about them. If you are thinking of using or going to them for any reason, I strongly recommend them. I have lived in the area for my whole life there isn’t an animal facility that offers 7 day a week appointments with specialty care, that takes as long as needed to see what’s going on, and treats your pet as a member of the family as much as this one does. I am sincerely thanking them from the bottom of my heart. Now Dr. Rashid moved to East Windsor Animal Hospital and I followed him there.

Mary S. P.
If there was a 10 star rating, I would give it to Cream Ridge Pet Care Center! GREAT place! The most wonderful people, Debbie, Jessica, Nancy, Regina, etc. and of course my favorite Veterinarian, Dr. Rashid! I have never before met a more caring and compassionate veterinarian. This is the ONLY place I would ever bring my two cats, Sweetums & Lucy, and highly recommend them! They call to check how my cats are doing after a visit. They are GOOD people. I consider them my extended family! Look NO further people..CREAM RIDGE PET CARE CENTER is THE place to take your animals! Dr. Rashid recently moved his practice to East Windsor Animal Hospital and my kitties are seeing him there.

Ashley R.
Thank you Dr Rashid for saving our friend Lady! Riley and lady’s family would be lost without her. Your a true hero!

Jennifer G. K.
Amazing facility! My husband and I bring our 2 Ragdoll cats and 4 dogs to Cream Ridge Pet Care Center and have been treated with amazing professionalism and kindness! Dr. Rashid is a wonderful veterinarian who goes above and beyond for my pets. He is the type of doctor who is there to help you and your pet(s) ~ not just to “run his business”. I always recommend CRPCC to anyone looking for a veterinarian.

Francene R. B.
Great care! Very knowledgable! Reasonably priced. Recommend for great veterinary care!

Jessica R.Paula H.
I highly recommend Dr. Rashid and his caring staff

Margaret J.
Great and Professional Service! I would go back again and again for my pet care needs!

Marina L.
My 10 year old cat got very sick. He could not move, could not eat. I called East Windsor Animal Hospital which is a brunch of Cream Ridge Pet Care Center. Dr Rashid saw us immediately. My poor cat Ash was diagnosed with pancreatitis and ketoacidosis, which is a very aggressive type of diabetes in cats. Dr Rashid suggested immediate hospitalization in North Star. Knowing how expensive NS is, there is no way I could afford to save my kitty. I explained it to Dr Rashid. He took my Ash to his Cream Ridge Pet Care Center where he has boarding. His team tirelessly, day in and day out was providing the best care about my Ash. 4 days later I brought home much healthier and happier cat. Unfortunately, few days later when I came home from work I found Ash in diabetic coma. I called to Dr Rashid office again, they took me immediately. My kitty was dying! Jessica, Drs technician, run out on parking lot when she saw my car, grabbed my kitty and got him in the back. Again Dr Rashid and his team came to the rescue. After an hour or so my Ash was revived! Today my Ash feels much better! Thank you to Dr Rashid and his team! They showed knowledge, professionalism and true dedication, where care for animals comes first. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Dr Rashid”s Cream Ridge Pet Care Center and his East Windsor Animal Hospital.

Marina L.